Removing bulkhead from VW T5 Transporter

My first job in the conversion from a white van-van to a campervan was removing the bulkhead.

I never did any more work on a car/van than filling up windscreen fluids, so I was slightly nervous and checked and double checked everything three times before starting. If you're the same no worries you'll get the hang of it in no time!

This is what a bulk head looks like (in case you've never seen one ;). There are some obvious bolts on either side, the bolts at the top however are hidden by a plastic liner cover.


The liner cover is fixed with a couple of plastic grommits. You can easily remove the liner cover by prying in a screwdriver and lifting it up.

After removing the liner you will have uncovered the bolts, which you can now easily undo.

I left the bolts sticking out originally and carpeted over the bottom ones. I later removed the panel that the top part of the bulk head bolted onto. You can do this by removing the plastic cover (undo the seatbelt first) and the cover comes out towards the headrests.

Some people grind away the bits that are welded onto the chassis, but they didn't bother me that much.

And you end up with:

No more bulkhead!