This website was originally intended to show how I converted our white van into a green mean camping machine. The site however has been slightly taken over by my campervan t-shirt creator application.

Whilst converting our vw van I used lots of websites and forums in addition to friends to find information about converting a (VW) van to a campervan. Whilst converting I took loads of pictures and to help other people I've decided to post some of them online.


All designs created on www.vanvanvans.com are copyright by Marijn Kampf and may only be used for personal non-commercial use. For any other use please contact me for license information.


If you have any questions your can contact me at: or use the form below:

Why vanvanvans.com?

It's a domain I registered ages ago hopeing to use for something van related, but never got round to it. I though I may as well use it rather than register a new one.